About the Blogger


I'm an IT professional who has been involved with IT in various capacities, ranging from desktop support to senior-level systems administration, since 1997. I've mainly focused on Microsoft Exchange Server and Active Directory, but am well-rounded and have a decent fundamental understanding of all major areas of IT such as hardware, storage, virtualization, networking, security, database, Web development, et al.

Presently, I'm a Senior Systems Engineer for a life sciences company with a few thousands employees, mostly in the USA. I'm responsible for AD, Exchange, BlackBerry, and related technologies.

In my last job, I worked for Computer Sciences Corporation in an outsourcing contract with a large gas and electric utility company. My main focus was on Exchange and related messaging/groupware/collaboration technologies (OCS, PageMaster, et al.). I didn't care much for the job and left after a year and four months.

I would strongly caution anyone considering working for CSC in its outsourcing division. If most contracts are run like the one I was on, the work will be mundane and you'll never develop enough skills on the job to go anywhere else. The only reason I was able to find another job was because of skills from previous jobs and personal learning. Overall, it was a bad experience for me and I learned why outsourcing is not all that great.

Outside of IT I like learning a little bit about everything and have interests in MMA (mixed martial arts), gardening, finance/stocks, home maintenance, military special operations, and automotive technology.

You can contact me at mailbox001 @ this domain.

IT Certifications

• VMware Certified Professional on vSphere 5 (VCP5).
• Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (Exchange Server 2007 / Windows Server 2008 Active Directory).
• Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator (Windows 2000 / Exchange 2000).
• Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (NT 4.0 / IIS 4.0).
• Novell CNA 4.11.
• Novell CNE 3.


• Bachelor of Arts in Management of Information Systems, with distinction.

Computer School

• Diploma in Network Engineering and Data Communications.

Misc IT Courses

• BlackBerry Enterprise Server 5.0 Service Pack 3 Essential
• BlackBerry Enterprise Server 5.0 Service Pack 3 Comprehensive
• EMC: NAS Operations and Management with Celerra.
• ONLC Training Centers: Project Management Principles for IT Professionals.
• Packeteer: Operating with iShared.


• Honor Graduate; Army Medical Specialist (91B) program at Fort Sam Houston, TX.
• Graduate; Army Basic Combat Training at Fort Jackson, SC.