New-MailboxExportRequest Error 64E79EF2

2011-11-03 Initial post

Exchange Server 2010 SP1 RU3

I tried to look up the error below on 2011-10-03 and didn’t turn up anything useful. It was not a permission issue. It turns out that the Microsoft Exchange Mailbox Replication service wasn’t started so starting it resolved the issue. The service’s description states “Processes mailbox move requests” but apparently it’s used for exports also.

If this service consistently fails to automatically start, set its startup type to Automatic (Delayed Start). If there are too many services trying to start at the same time, some might not start, so you can set them to delayed start. I’ve seen startup issues with other Exchange services such as Microsoft Exchange RPC Client Access and have set those to Automatic (Delayed Start) without any issues.

This is the error:

The server or share name specified in the path may be invalid, or the file could be locked.

    + CategoryInfo          : NotSpecified: (0:Int32) [New-MailboxExportRequest], RemotePermanentException

    + FullyQualifiedErrorId : 64E79EF2,Microsoft.Exchange.Management.RecipientTasks.NewMailboxExportReque

This is the command that generated the error.

New-MailboxExportRequest -Mailbox TestMailbox003 -FilePath \\some-server\d$\temp\TestMailbox003.PST

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