Paging File in Exchange 2010, Is It Required?

2012-08-15 Updated

2011-06-16 Initial Post

Exchange Server 2010 SP1

I contacted MS support the other week to verify if a paging/page file is still necessary in Exchange 2010, given the fact that Exchange 2010 is 64-bit and can utilize well over 4 GB RAM/memory. This was the response:

This question is frequently asked, and my answer is yes, we do need the paging file, and the size of the paging file should be the size of the physical RAM + 10MB.

The article Exchange 2010 System Requirements at was referenced. The Hardware section states this: The page file size minimum and maximum must be set to physical RAM plus 10  MB.

So for 64 GB, it would be 65546 (65536 MB + 10 MB).

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