Spiral Spikes for Hardscape Edge Restraints

2013-02-17 Initial Post

2014-02-16 Updated

Back in December I had a patio installed with patio pavers and the person who installed it did not do a good job. The spiral spikes used were 10 inches long and were not long enough in some areas to securely hold down the Paver Rail edge restraints. I searched high and low for spiral spikes longer than 10 inches and it was very difficult to find.

I called several hardscape suppliers in my area and none carried spikes longer than 10 inches. I resorted to using 12 inch smooth spikes from Home Depot even though that wasn't what I really needed. After some more searching I found that Grip Rite does have longer spikes, but I had to special order them. Even though Lowe's and Home Depot carry Grip Rite, the people I spoke to at those stores seemed clueless about how to do a special order and they didn't have the Grip Rite SKUs in their system. I ended up ordering from a local lumber supply company; they were much easier to work with for special orders.

Here's the link to Grip Rite's page that has all the spiral spikes: http://www.grip-rite.com/us/en/products/fasteners/general-construction/spike. I ended up getting the 12 inch Spike Bright Spiral Shank, 12STSPK.

Note that I did find several other companies offering long spiral spikes for sale, but they were all for bulk quantities. For a small home patio, I think a custom order from Gripe Rite is about the only feasible option.

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