Yawcam Notes, Review

2012-07-29 Initial Post

I played around with this back in January 2012 with version 0.3.7, using it with a Logitech QuickCam Deluxe for Notebooks model V-UBV49.

Basically I wanted to set up a video surveillance system and this seemed to be one of the better free programs for doing such. It has some nice features for a free program, but it needs some work. I ended up getting a camera with built-in motion detection--see my post on that at http://sysadmin-e.com/x10-airsight-clones.

Here are some misc notes I made about Yawcam. This isn't very extensive and I'm just posting it for my own reference.

  • C:\Users\%username%\.yawcam\
  • You can define an area for motion detection. The area is based on the current frame, so if you move the camera, you need to reselect the area.
  • You can add an overlay to the capture (such as text with the date and time).
  • It has a scheduling feature.
  • Too much sun washes out the motion detection area (not the software's fault).
  • It temporarily saves motion activated images to C:\Users\%username%\.yawcam\motion even if you specified another location. The images there get deleted after clearing/deleting the events from the Window menu --> Motion Detection --> Motion Events tab.

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