Exchange 2010 Outlook Web App Calendar URL – Incorrect URL in MS Article 232199 / Permission Error

2011-05-26 Initial Post

Exchange Server 2010 Enterprise SP1 RU3

The other day we needed to give all users reviewer permission to our conference room mailboxes and allow the users to access the rooms’ calendars via a direct OWA URL on a SharePoint site. I used the example in the article “Using Outlook Web App Web Parts” at Under the Enter Outlook Web App Web Parts manually section of that article, the URL example it gives is

That URL didn’t work because I kept getting the error “You don't have permission to view this content. To get permission, contact the owner of the content.” And after a few hours of trying different things, I opened a MS support case. Guess what? The URL in that article is incorrect, per MS support. Apparently the author didn’t update the URL for Exchange 2010, even though the article is specifically for Exchange Server 2010 SP1 (as of 2011-05-26, the article still has the incorrect URL). Duh!

Below is the correct and incorrect format for the URL. Notice that the correct URL has “&module” instead of “&f.”


I noticed one more issue, which had nothing to do with the incorrect URL. A user would get the page to change the OWA language settings for the mailbox and after clicking on OK to accept the default, the user would get the error "You don't have permission to open this mailbox.” After thinking about this, it made perfect sense. The user doesn’t have full access to the mailbox, only reviewer to the calendar folder, so the user wouldn’t be able to set the language on the mailbox itself. After logging onto the mailbox via OWA with an admin account and setting the language, the user was able to go directly to the mailbox’s calendar URL without any issues.

You can use PowerShell to set the language on all resource mailboxes, which saves time from having to set the language through OWA for each mailbox.

To set the language for one mailbox, use this code (note that the “languages” parameter is plural):

Set-Mailbox ConfRoomA1 -Languages en-US

To see the current language setting for a mailbox, use this code:

Get-Mailbox ConfRoomA1 | FL Languages

To set the language for multiple mailboxes, put all the mailbox aliases or e-mail addresses into a text file, one mailbox on each line, and then use the code below in a PS1 file to go through each mailbox and set its language.

Add-PSSnapin Microsoft.Exchange.Management.PowerShell.E2010
$strInputFilePath = "\\FileServer01\Exchange\ListOfConfRooms.txt”
Write-Host -ForegroundColor Yellow "`a`a`a**** This script will set the language property for mailboxes listed in $strInputFilePath. Press any key to continue. ****"
$TempPause = $host.UI.RawUI.ReadKey("NoEcho,IncludeKeyDown")
#Change the language for your specific region.
Get-Content $strInputFilePath | ForEach {
Set-Mailbox $_ -Languages en-US

7 Responses to “Exchange 2010 Outlook Web App Calendar URL – Incorrect URL in MS Article 232199 / Permission Error”

  1. Javin Cyriacks Says:

    Thanks for this post, exactly what I needed to point to a shared calendar through URL. Language setting was also a key.

  2. SysAdmin-E Says:

    Hi Javin: Thanks for checking out my site. I'm glad you found the post useful. Thanks for your feedback.

  3. Steve Says:

    We've recently had a 2007 - 10 upgrade and OWA Calendar URLS are now broken. I'm needing confirmation that multiple calendars under one mailbox don't work with OWA under Exchange 2010 OWA when the URL directs the users straight to the calendar. In the past /?cmd=contents&f=MeetingRoom2 would pick up a secondary calendar and direct the user straight to that calendar. Any thoughts? Thanks.

  4. SysAdmin-E Says:

    Hi Steve:

    Thanks for checking out my site. Do you mean an additional calendar created under one mailbox? Like in my own mailbox, if I created a calendar named Calendar2, would other users be able to access it via OWA? If you need confirmation, I can test it this week. I've been busy at work, but it should be a quick test.

  5. josh Says:

    SysAdminE ... Yes, how do you map to a secondary..(third, fourth, etc) Calendar in OWA for Ex 2010? Haven't been able to. -Josh

  6. SysAdmin-E Says:

    Hi. Thanks for checking out my site. I was busy and didn't get to reply until now. I'm not sure what you mean by "map." I've only used the URL to connect to a specific calendar. If you wanted to connect to 4 calendars, I don't see why you wouldn't be able to use 4 different URLs.

  7. Brian Says:

    Thanks for this post. Exactly what I was looking for.

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