About the Blog

Thank you for visiting. This blog was started in January 2010. Its main purpose is to consolidate miscellaneous IT work notes from over the years, and also to act as a repository for new notes. Some postings were backdated to keep the dates of when the notes were created. I also wanted to learn more about blogging, blogging technology, and how people are able to generate income from blogging, which is why there are some ads from Google and Amazon on this site.

On April 15, 2010 I decided to add non-IT related postings on here as well, rather than create a whole new blog for non-IT topics. The first non-IT post I added was about planting a tree and building a retaining wall tree ring.

None of the postings are the final world on their respective subjects. If you find a mistake or have something to add or suggest, please feel free to reply. All opinions expressed on this site are that of the bloggers'/posters' and don't express the opinions of their current or past employers.

The term “extraordinaire” was used since it sounded catchy. I didn't want to name it “Jack’s IT Blog” or something common like that. Regarding the meaning of "sharing the infinite resource of knowledge," I made that up after reading "Introduction to Knowledge Management: KM in Business." The book refers to knowledge as an "infinite asset," meaning that it increases when it's shared. The book wasn't that great, but that term stuck with me, so I based my slogan on it. I didn't put the slogan up until a few months after I started the blog. BTW, I searched Google, Bing, and Yahoo for "sharing the infinite resource of knowledge" and only this site shows up in the searches.

I hope that you found something useful on this site and that it saved you some time or stress. You can contact the site admin at mailbox001 @ this domain. If you'd like to find out more about this blog and blogging in general, check out the Blogging section.